Advantage of Polyholo Laser Glass

- Apr 06, 2018 -

1) Easy to prepare. The process technology for preparing optical glass is applied and improved to obtain a highly transparent and optically uniform glass. It is easier to manufacture a large-sized working material. The bottom material has a low cost. The large volume and the high density of activated particles are used for high power. And important advantages of high-energy lasers.

(2) The matrix glass is easy to change. The range of composition and properties of the matrix glass varies widely, and the type and amount of the activator added are also not limited, so it is easier to develop a series of laser glass varieties with various characteristics.

(3) Easy to mold and process. With the process of thermoforming and cold processing of optical glass, laser glass can be easily formed into various shapes such as rods, sheets, wires, etc., and compacted into high-precision optical surfaces to meet the needs of the development of various device structures.

(4) Based on the characteristics of the glass structure, ie short-range order and long-range disorder, structural defects in the glass have little influence on the nature of the glass breakage and are easily eliminated, so it is easy to obtain work substances that are homogeneous and uniform in the isotropic and large volume. . Because of the ability to generate laser light at room temperature, neodymium glass has a small effect of temperature quenching, and optical pumps absorb the effect string and the quantum efficiency of light emission is currently the most important laser glass.

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