Bulletproof Glass Working Principles and Interpretation of Product Performance Characteristics

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Product introduction:

Bulletproof glass is a kind of special glass. It is made by superimposing multiple layers of glass and film. The total thickness is generally more than 20mm, and the total required thickness of bulletproof glass can reach more than 50mm.

    According to the difference between the total thickness of the bulletproof glass and the thickness of the sandwich layer, it can effectively resist the firing of different firearms such as pistols, submachine guns, and rifles. As the special function of bulletproof glass is widely used in security places, automobiles, airplanes, and bank management, it is a high-grade safety glass. Building bullet-proof glass is a bullet-proof security product made of high-quality glass and special organic materials optimized by a special process.

Bulletproof principle

    When the high-speed warhead impacted the bulletproof glass, the glass hit the surface and cracked, forming a radial crack, and the warhead was deformed. The kinetic energy of the warhead was reduced and absorbed, and the glass could not penetrate the glass. The glass chips were stuck by the organic film and were not easy to spatter and injure others.


Professional anti-ballistic: high mechanical strength, can effectively block high-speed flying objects, not easy to be destroyed by the warhead.

Strong security: excellent strength and toughness, have a strong defense against vandalism, violence intrusion.

Adhesion is good: When the strong impact, the glass pieces are sticking to the organic film, not easy to splash and hurt people.

Anti-ultraviolet radiation: It can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the human body and leg color of indoor objects.

Noise insulation: It can block the propagation and interference of various noises and reduce the influence of outside temperature.

Can prevent bullets:

According to the needs of customers, it can provide products with different levels of anti-gun elasticity:

M14 automatic rifle / 7.62mm NATO bomb

F56 submachine gun / 7.62mm steel bomb

F79 light submachine gun / 7.62mm steel bomb

F54 pistol / 7.62mm steel bomb

Application area

Applicable sites are widely used in banking, jewellery, securities, postal services, and insurance systems, as well as high security villas, business buildings, and other places where safety requirements are high.

Processing range

Maximum size: 2200mm*4900mm Minimum size: 300mm*300mm

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