Characteristics of glass coating

- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. Prevent oxidation and aging of the paint surface. The true glass coating does not contain petroleum components, and it will form a hard inorganic (glass crystal) film layer on the paint surface after construction. It will be tightly integrated with the car paint and never fall off. The paint and air are completely isolated, which can effectively prevent oxidation and discoloration of paints caused by external factors.

2. Corrosion resistance. The hard non-organic (glass crystal) film itself does not oxidize and it also prevents external acid rain, flying insects, and bird droppings from corroding the paint. The dense glass crystal film has superior corrosion resistance, and the coating can effectively prevent acid rain. Damage caused by corrosive substances to the paint, while preventing discoloration of the paint.

3. High temperature resistance. The glass crystal itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, can effectively reflect sunlight and effectively reflect external heat radiation, and prevent high temperature damage to the paint.

4. Scratch-proof. The hard non-organic (glass crystal) film layer can increase the hardness of the car body surface to 7H, much higher than the hardness of car wax or glaze 2H-4H, which can better protect car paint from grit damage.

5. Easy to clean. Electro-ion plating has superior self-cleaning properties and water repellency, and it is not easy to adhere to dust and dirt. When cleaning, only clean water can be used to achieve the cleaning effect, so that vehicles can maintain high cleanliness and gloss.

6. Super lasting strong toughness and extensibility, usually to protect the car paint surface brightness, to form a mirror effect more than 2 years, far more than waxing and sealing glaze.

7. Super water repellent. The surface of the hard non-organic (glass crystal) film has superior water repellency after the treatment of fluorine, which causes the water to fall on the body and instantly shrink into water droplets to effectively prevent the formation of scale.

8. Super environmental protection using water content environmental protection materials, not oxidizing itself, but will not cause secondary pollution to vehicle paint, while the traditional wax sealing project will cause secondary pollution to vehicle paint.

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