Classic examples of Bullet Proof Glass

- Apr 08, 2018 -

On the night of February 9, 1998, Georgian President Shevardnadze returned home on a Mercedes-Benz car. Suddenly, he took more than 20 killers out of the jungle under the night and hurled raids and threw grenades at the presidential car. The car is very scarred, but fortunately Shevardnadze is unscathed! What protects the President from this catastrophe? Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz brand car that was awarded to him by the German government for $500,000. So why is the bullet-proof car bullet-proof? It turned out that it installed a safety glass - bullet-proof glass. The safety glass is made of a tough plastic inner layer (pc/PVB) by sticking two pieces of glass under a certain temperature and pressure. The interlayer pc thickness is generally 0.5mm-5mm. Also known as laminated glass or glued glass, its plastic The layer can absorb some of the energy and shock wave pressure generated during the impact and explosion, and even if it is shattered, it will not be scattered. Laminated glass can be made of ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-reinforced glass, or hollow glass, depending on the needs. Safety glass has good safety, impact resistance and penetration resistance, and it is anti-theft, bullet-proof and explosion-proof.

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