Do not ignore the details of glass cleaning. It is very important to do a good job of protection

- Apr 15, 2018 -

Residents must clean their own glass, must do a good job of safety protection measures, attach a safety rope to the waist, and have family members nearby. When wiping glass, do not wear slippers or plastic shoes. Wear non-slip shoes and prevent slipping. When rubbing the outside glass, do not expose the upper body completely out of the window to prevent the center of gravity from becoming unstable. If the service life of the glass is very long, it must be controlled when rubbing to avoid glass breakage. Don't let the elderly people rub their glass, and keep the child away from windows, so as to avoid accidents such as falls and falling from high altitude.

If you ask the housekeeping staff to wipe the glass, you must sign a statement of related responsibilities and ask them if they have insurance, and do not employ casual workers and unqualified housekeeping personnel. In the event of an accident, the employer must assume certain responsibilities. When the housekeepers work, the employer should remind them to pay attention to safety.

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