How to develop energy-saving doors and windows in the future

- Apr 29, 2018 -

China's door and window materials have been developed from simple wood and steel materials to composite materials, from single function to multi-functional development. Some industry insiders have made constructive suggestions on the future development of residential doors and windows in China through the inspection of foreign doors and windows industry and the analysis of the current situation of China's doors and windows industry.

Experts in the industry believe that hollow louvered glass will mainly develop its energy-saving, airtight and heat-insulating properties in terms of the nature and function of its windows. This requires that the door and window products should have considerable strength without warping. In the treatment of the sash gaps, the northern window in the northern region should have double glass facilities. China is an energy-deficit country and its energy consumption is twice that of the developed countries. It can be predicted that energy-saving doors and windows will receive more attention.

Hollow shutter glass is mainly used for the development of airtight push-pull doors and windows in the opening direction of windows, and the development of new mid-overhang and top-hanging windows is applicable in rooms with energy-saving and air-conditioning requirements. The development of window types tends to be small and flexible to meet the requirements of modern small bedrooms. The push-pull window is convenient and flexible to open, does not occupy space, and is beneficial to the processing of the window sill details, such as flower troughs.

In the development of the window, experts suggest that the balcony window push-pull development. The new type of well-off residential design emphasizes the role of the hall and extends the depth of the balcony. The use of floor-standing windows not only increases the brightness and sunshine in the room, but also strengthens the connection between the interior and exterior, expands the field of vision, and connects the interior and exterior. In the south, more floor-to-ceiling windows and doors are needed for better ventilation.

Roof windows are another new product to be developed. The slope roof structure is a better form of heat preservation, heat insulation and leak prevention, and it is a good form of rational use of space and increase of living area. At present, there are almost no windows in the country, such as lighting windows, ventilation windows, etc., which are suitable for slope roofs, and they have different shapes and shapes.

The kitchen window will develop towards the long window, between the kitchen cabinet and the console. The main development of the bathroom ventilation window, with anti-vision and ventilation two functions. For the development of residential doors, experts suggest that the development of residential sliding and folding doors should be focused. These two kinds of products are particularly advantageous for use in small kitchens and bathrooms, and can play a role in the development of small spaces. The key part of this part is the hardware and connection technology, which requires light, low noise and airtightness, and is easy to clean. Such products are widely used in foreign countries. With the improvement of the level of housing in China, its development prospects are very broad.

There is a large demand for security doors, requiring anti-theft, fire prevention, sound insulation, and insulation. It is recommended to develop a large-size fan with a three-in-one door for security, insulation and sound insulation. This will help save room space, open the door, and change shoes. The setting of large and small doors provides convenient conditions for daily access and handling of large items. The key technology lies in the anti-theft measures of hinges, the fixing of small fans and the sealing technology of door seams.

The unit door has been developed into an intelligent form and has the functions of anti-theft, security, intercom, and automatic opening and closing. It has been applied in the southern region. Although this technology belongs to a high level, it has a reliable security protection function that is convenient for the use of each unit of the unit and will be welcomed by high-end residential apartments.

Based on the above analysis, industry experts suggest that residential doors and windows should be developed from the following aspects:

To high-quality, high-grade development. In particular, it is necessary to emphasize that doors and windows have thermal insulation and energy-saving requirements, and they have aesthetics and strength. To develop light plastic doors and windows, increase the variety.

We must vigorously develop new types of doors, windows, and hardware products to improve the function and quality of hardware.

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