How to quickly clean the glass? 4 ways to teach you

- May 02, 2018 -

The cleanliness of the glass is a very distressing part of the body. A little dirty, it affects the appearance, so the glass is also cleaned frequently. In life, before the window cleaning, first we must first determine whether we need a wet wipe, because there is a wet wipe action, it is necessary to add a dry step, such as the indoor side of the window is mostly light dust, dry type can be used Clean it. The dust on the window track must first be cleaned with a brush. Method 1 Quickly remove moisture from the squeegee 1. Hold the grip completely and close to the glass surface. 2. The direction of the wiper must be handled from the top to the bottom. 3. The water on the wiper must be wiped off every time the water is scraped. Method Two: Warm Water Accelerates the Dissolution of the Soil Many commercially available glass cleaners contain the Amononia component and are a hazard to the environment and the human body. Therefore, it may be better to use warm water to wipe the glass, use hot air to help remove dirt, or warm water. Put a little lemon in the soak, and use the lemon warm water to make the glass shine. Method 3 The natural skin can also help clean the use of small props: potato peel, stockings, rags The potato skin contains starch, which can remove light oil. When the glass is full of dirt, you can put the potatoes in the stockings and evenly spread on the glass. , and then wipe with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Method 4: White vinegar is soft and acidic. Residues on the window. Most of the glue is acidic. White vinegar can be used to soften the glue and the glue can be easily removed. 1. Torn a small piece of napkin with white vinegar. 2. Apply on adhesive and allow to stand for 15 to 30 minutes. 3, then brush the residue. 4, finally wipe the residue with plastic rags clean.

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