New home glass cleaning method, must be a collection of tips

- May 03, 2018 -

Moving into a new home must be a hope that the home is tidy and clean, especially the glass, there is no stain on the glass, clean and bright can give a good impression. Then, if the glass in the home is dirty, but is not willing to ask the cleaning company to come over and clean it, what should we do? Today Xiaobian teaches everyone how to do it yourself and clean the glass. First, the old newspapers Older newspapers are the most common method we use to wipe the glass. Newspapers have the oil left on the surface of the print. They can wipe the stains and dust on the glass and are very effective. Rub the newspapers into small pieces, and then wipe the glass windows to feel particularly bright. 2. Water and rags are soaked in water with a rag, then placed under a glass with a dry rag, stacked into strips to catch the water, and then use a wet rag to pour water from the glass frame, flush the dust and dirt, then use Wipe the box with a clean rag, then wipe the glass with a clean rag. From top to bottom, there is no need to rework, so rubbing can also clean the frame. Third, the glass squeegee If there is no platform outside the window, we can use a glass squeegee to complete, be sure to pay attention, do not lean out to a person outside to clean the glass, very unsafe, if you have to clean it can also ride on the window This is done with a long glass squeegee. The risk factor is high and choose carefully. 4. Hanging down from a lot of buildings or companies will hire full-time Spider-Man who can wipe the glass. You can hang them from the roof to scrub the outside of the glass. They are more professional, so if necessary, please also ask a professional. Fifth, glass cleaner Many supermarkets have the kind of demonstration, single one-handed operation can be. Really easy to use cleaning tools, people standing indoors, can be cleaned together with the outside of the glass. Sixth, sponge block You can use sponge to scrub the glass, you can wipe when not harming the glass, you can also control the amount of water. Scrub with proper detergent. Then you can use a rag to remove the detergent and wipe it with a dry rag. Seven, two people rubbing on both sides In a safe situation, you can start two people together from the two sides of the rub, starting from the top to wipe, it is not used to change the back. The above 7 kinds of introductions are about the method of cleaning the new house glass. I hope to be able to help everyone clean various glass products. However, it must be reminded that regardless of whether there is a special tool or not, you should pay attention to safety first when you clean the glass!

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