Precautions of Glass coating

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Automotive glass coating is more and more popular, but many people just enjoy the convenience of glass coating. The relevant considerations of coating and post-coating maintenance have not been done, which is very unfavorable for the maintenance of coating effect.

First, the glass coating can not be constructed on the rearview mirror.

Because the rear-view mirror is not facing the wind, if it is plated into a water-repellent glass, then there will be accumulation of water droplets, which will affect the line of sight. The rearview mirrors of high-grade cars are all hydrophilic glass. In fact, the general construction of glass coating only windshield, other glass can also be constructed but the rearview mirror is absolutely not construction.

Second, anti-fog construction should not be applied too thick.

Glass coating agents are generally used in conjunction with glass anti-fogging agents. When using glass anti-fogging agents, be careful not to apply too thick. If the coating is too thick, it will not be clean. In addition, the duration of the anti-fogging agent is related to the weather, and the dry weather lasts for a long time. In the case of continuous rainy weather, the anti-fog effect time is relatively short. This is also a point to note.

Third, past the explosion-proof membrane can still be coated.

The function of the explosion-proof membrane is thermal insulation. The function of the glass coating is to increase the water repellency of the glass. These are two completely different things. I do not know why some people will feel that the explosion-proof membrane cannot be coated. In fact, this is not correct. The explosion-proof membrane and coating have no effect at all. Explosion-proof membranes are generally attached to glass, while coating agents and anti-fogging agents are generally used outside.

4. Do not shower or wash your car within 4 hours after glass coating.

This is to better protect the effect of automotive glass coating. Raining or car washing may affect the duration of coating. Moreover, the glass has been cleaned during coating, and the body will not be contaminated during the coating process. There is no need to wash the car after the coating is completed. To avoid rain, just select a good weather to do the coating on it.

5. One-time construction of anti-fog agent can last one month, and one-time construction of glass coating can last six months.

The duration influences the next construction time, and it also suggests that friends who want to make glass coating but do not plan to do it for a long time will choose the plating time. Before the rainy season comes, it will be a glass coating. It is generally more than adequate to finish this rainy season. . In today's high cost of keeping a car, doing so may also be a way to save. [2]

Six, glass coating selection products should see the product formula ingredients.

There are many customers blindly pursuing the effects of glass coating. Here, we remind everyone that when selecting products, we must look at the ingredients of the products. Currently, the word “plating crystal” is more popular on the market. Is a very good product, but if you do the effect on the glass is not too good, because the plated crystal components contain SIO2, after the glass is done, wipe the water with a wiper, it will produce flaws in the glass sound. Therefore, when choosing products, we must be careful.

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