Product Advantages of Float Glass

- Sep 25, 2017 -

It is in the tin trough, the glass floats on the surface of the tin liquid to come out. Therefore, this glass first is pingdu good, no water ripple.

Used for making mirrors and automotive glass. No face, no shape, it's a big advantage.

The second is the flotation glass selection of ore quartz sand, good raw materials. The glass produced is pure and transparent. Bright, colorless. No glass boil, no bubbles.

Third, the structure is close, heavy, feel smooth, the same thickness per square meter than the proportion of large, good cutting, not easy to damage.

More than 200 national production lines are strictly in accordance with national standards, this glass is the best glass of civil architecture. Its price, the same thickness, compared to flat glass per square metre is about 4 yuan.

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