Structure and composition of bullet proof glass

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Bulletproof glass is actually made of a transparent glue material that bonds several pieces of glass or high-strength organic sheets together. Generally have the following three-tier structure:

1 bearing layer: This layer first to withstand the impact of rupture, generally using a large thickness, high strength glass, can destroy the warhead or change the shape of the warhead, making it lose its ability to move forward.

2 transition layer: generally use organic glue materials, strong adhesion, good light resistance, can absorb some of the impact energy, change the direction of the bullet. A very strong and transparent chemical film is sandwiched in the laminated glass. This not only can effectively prevent gunshot shooting, but also has the ability to resist surge surge, explosion resistance, shock resistance, and no crack after impact.

3 safety protection layer: This layer uses high-strength glass or high-strength transparent organic material, has good flexibility and toughness, can absorb most of the impact energy, and ensure that the bullet can not pass through this layer

The most important performance indicator of bulletproof glass is bulletproof capability. The bullet-proof ability index is measured in two aspects. On the one hand, it is the security protection ability, and on the other is the killing ability of the firearm.

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