The demand for glass in the April-May period is slowly increasing!

- May 01, 2018 -

In the second quarter, the main construction market for glass terminals was gradually resumed. As the progress of the project progressed, the demand for glass slowly picked up. It is expected that the demand side of glass will slowly increase in April-May. With the declining real estate boom and the deepening of the national housing price adjustment system in the past two years, the demand for glass has shrunk to a certain extent this year. Glass has shifted from a strong balance between production and sales in the past two years to a weak balance between production and sales. The trend of the glass market will also be from the past. The year's strong rise turned into a clear ups and downs of the oscillations. In the first half of this year, when the demand is less than expected, the main task of the manufacturers will be to stabilize the inventory.

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