The process of Processing Glass

- Sep 25, 2017 -

1, the selection of the original film: first of all glass processing of course have to have a glass, ordinary glass processing plant is no production of the original film, only large-scale glass companies to produce the original film, such as Xinyi Glass, CSG group, such as large companies before the production.

2, the size of the glass cutting: the original piece itself is very large size, generally is three meters long, two meters wide. Cutting can be said to be the first step in glass processing, the staff will be based on the size of the customer's drawings to calculate how to cut the original piece.

3, Glass grinding edge chamfer: Just cut good glass will scrape hands, glass edge will be very sharp, customers will also require grinding edge, but grinding edge with the edge of the matte and bright side, installed in the box in the edge of the matte.

4, Tempered: tempered with the physical tempering and chemical tempering, we here talk about physical tempering, physical tempering glass in the tempering furnace to a certain extent, and then cooled, reinforced by the hardness.

5, Screen Printing: Some of the glass will pass this step, because customers want to print some patterns on the glass, the company logo and so on.

6, cleaning and testing packaging: The last glass to pass the detection of the test can pass through the test, the problem of the glass will be selected out, some void, some can again owe processing.

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