What should we do if the bathroom glass door is dirty?

- Apr 14, 2018 -

First, how to remove the oil on the glass door

If the bathroom glass door accidentally stains with oil, use a plastic wrap and a damp cloth to keep the glass door clean. First of all, clean the bathroom glass door with detergent, especially if it is oiled. After hitting the cleaner, stick the cling film to the oily place. The purpose of this is to soften the grease on the glass door and make it easier to clean. After about ten minutes, remove the plastic wrap and clean it with a damp cloth dampened with detergent.

In the absence of detergents at home, tea can be used instead. But use rags to pick up tea and wash, especially when cleaning the mirror. Be careful not to infiltrate the edges and back of the mirror with tea, and damage the coating on the back of the mirror.

Second, how to remove the scale on the glass door

Use vinegar and salt to make a cleaning agent. Mix vinegar and salt and wet the area with scale, and wipe the glass with a dry cloth for 10 minutes. Some friends will scrub with the brush while cleaning, thinking that it can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. In actual fact, especially the harder brush, the glass is easily scratched. Cracked glass doors have an increased chance of self-explosion. Concerned about the dry cloth is not clean, you can use the toothpaste to spray the bathroom glass door with a portion of scale, and then use a soft toothbrush to scrub, and then wash it with warm water.

Third, how to remove the watermark on the glass door

Due to the prolonged exposure of water vapor to the mirror on the glass door of the bathroom caused by the shower, it is likely to leave a relatively unclear watermark. Watermark is not heavy, but it is easy to get a mirror directly after wiping, how to do? Use spray cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the glass door with a large "X" shape and wipe it back in one direction with a clean dry cloth. When it's seven minutes, wipe it with a rag.

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