Application Of Clear Fire-Rated Glass

- Apr 07, 2018 -

Since the mass production of domestic single-piece fire-resistant glass, fire-retardant glass has been more widely used, but there are several points that must be taken into account when using it:

1. Before selecting the fireproof glass, it is necessary to clearly identify the fire protection requirements of the fire protection components made of fireproof glass, such as fire protection, heat insulation, or smoke and fire resistance requirements.

2. Single-piece and composite-infused fireproof glass cannot be cut with a glass knife like a normal flat glass, but must be cut to length. However, composite (dry) fire-resistant glass can meet the requirements for cutting.

fire-proof glass

fire-proof glass

3. When fireproof glass is used to constitute fire protection components, in addition to considering the fireproof durability of glass, its supporting structure and each element must also meet the fireproof requirements.

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