Basic Classification Of Bulletproof Glass

- Mar 31, 2018 -

According to the different degree of human protection, bullet-proof glass can be divided into two types, one is safe, the other is life-safe. After being shot, the safety bulletproof glass has no spatter on the non-impinging surface and does not cause any harm to the human body. After being shot, the life-safety bullet-proof glass has splashes on the non-impinged surface, but the bullet cannot penetrate the glass. May cause secondary damage to the human body. Bulletproof glass has different requirements according to different bullets. Bulletproof glass is divided into three major series. The first is aviation bulletproof glass, the second is bulletproof glass for vehicles and ships, and the third is bulletproof glass for banks. The thickness is between 18mm and 40mm.

Bulletproof glass is a kind of special glass with high safety performance, which can maintain intact or non-penetrating damage without breaking the frame under certain equivalent bomb explosion.

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