Can The Tempered Glass Open The Hole?

- Sep 25, 2017 -

The tempered glass must not open the hole. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glasses, in order to improve the strength of glass, usually using chemical or physical methods, on the glass surface to form compressive stress, glass under external forces to counteract the surface stress first, thereby improving the load-bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself against wind pressure, the thermal, the impact of the The strength of toughened glass is several times higher than that of ordinary glass, the flexural strength is $number times of ordinary glass, the impact strength is $number times of ordinary glass, and the strength is improved. Its load-carrying capacity improved the fragile nature, even if the glass damage is not sharp-angle small fragments, the damage to the human body greatly reduced. Tempered Glass is $number than ordinary glass, which can withstand the change of temperature difference of more than 150 ℃, and has obvious effect on preventing thermal burst.

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