Clamped Glass Features

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Clamping glass alias shatter-resistant glass. It is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softened state, and then preheated wire or barbed wire pressed into the middle of the glass made. Its characteristics are excellent fire resistance, can block the flame, high temperature combustion does not burst, broken will not cause debris wounding. In addition there are anti-theft performance, cut glass barbed wire barrier. Mainly used for roof skylights, balcony windows.

Clamped glass also known as shatter-resistant glass and wire glass. In the calendering production process is pressed into the semi-liquid glass ribbon forming a special glass. Advantages than ordinary glass high strength, the glass suffered shock or temperature drastic changes, make it break without missing, split and scattered, to avoid edges and pieces of small pieces flying out wounding, such as the spread of fire, hot glass wire burst, Still maintain a fixed state, play a role in isolating the fire, it is also known as fire-resistant glass. Drawback is that in the production process, the screen is easily oxidized by high temperature radiation, the glass surface may appear "rusty" the same yellow and bubbles. Girder glass is often used in skylights, roof canopies, and vibration-prone doors and windows.

Even if the glass wire is broken, the wire or net can support the fragments, which are hard to collapse and break. Even when the flame is worn out, it can block the penetration of the flame and the fire powder, and prevent the spread of the flame from the opening.

According to the Japanese Building Standard Act Article 64, made the provisions of fire doors. The opening of the outer wall must prevent the flame from spreading and burning. Binder glass and B kinds of fire doors combined with the frame, can be used as a B fireproof material.

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