- Apr 05, 2018 -

Fire-resistant glass is a type of specialty glass that maintains its integrity in prescribed fire tests and is classified into three categories by product type:

Class A

At the same time meet the fire-resistant integrity, fire-resistant insulation requirements of fire-resistant glass. Including composite fireproof glass and fireproof glass. This kind of glass has translucent, fireproof (smoke, fire, and heat radiation), sound insulation, impact resistance, suitable for fire protection doors, windows, upper lighting, partition walls, lighting ceilings, smoke protection Walls, see-through floors, and other building components that need to be both transparent and fireproof.

Class B

At the same time meet the fire-resistant integrity, heat radiation strength requirements of fire-resistant glass. Such fire-resistant glass is mostly a composite fire-resistant glass with light transmission, fire prevention, smoke separation characteristics.

Class C

Single piece fireproof glass that only meets fire integrity requirements. This type of glass is characterized by light transmission, fire protection, smoke isolation, and high strength. Suitable for fire-resistant glass partition walls, fire windows, outdoor curtain walls, etc.

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