Comparison Of Advantages And Disadvantages Between Tempered Glass And Semi-toughened Glass

- Sep 25, 2017 -

1, Safety: Tempered glass broken, the whole piece of glass broken into small particles, so that in the human body contact with broken glass, or from high-rise buildings fall, will not bring serious harm. While the half tempered glass is broken, the crack of the whole piece of glasses expands from the stress to the edge, is radioactive, and most of the glass remains in the frame. Semi-tempered glass, if falling off a building, will also cause serious damage like ordinary glass.

2. Strength: The strength of the half tempered glass is twice times more than that of the float annealing, and the strength of the toughened glass is 4 times times of that of the float annealing.

3, thermal Stability: The thermal stability of the semi-toughened glass is higher than that of the original annealing. But lower than tempered glass.

4, Reprocessing: semi-toughened glass and tempered glass also have no reprocessing, when processing, glass will rupture. Self-explosive: tempered glass, such as containing nickel sulfide impurities or excessive tempering and other reasons, has a self explosive, and semi-toughened glass easy to avoid the phenomenon of explosion.

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