How About A Lamp Glass Shade?

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Lampshade, located on the periphery of the lamp flame or on the bulb to collect light or weatherproof cover. Lampshades have a variety of materials. Common materials include fabric, pvc, kraft paper, glass, and acrylic. Everyone knows that direct lighting on the human eye can cause discomfort to the human eye. In order to prevent direct light from reaching the eyes, it is essential to install a lampshade on the lamp. So, how about the lamp glass shade?


The lamp glass is actually a glass cover over the lamp. This lamp cover can protect the lamp from damage, and it can add beauty and decorative effect to the indoor environment. The lighting glass cover is not only used to cover the light in order to bring the light together, but also to prevent electric shock and also to protect the eyes. Therefore, most lamps and lanterns will have lamp shades. Lamp glass lamp shade is a lamp shade that has been popular in recent years. The glass has a crystal clear texture, and the reflection effect on the light source is very good. The lighting brightness of the lamp can be increased, and the reflection effect can be formed through the geometrical shape of the glass to add beauty to the interior. .


In fact, when we choose products, we pay more attention to the price of the products. We also attach great importance to the price of lighting glass when selecting lighting glass. Due to the large number of lamp glass manufacturers in the market, the products of various merchants are also uneven, resulting in a great difference in the price of lamps and lanterns. There are several dozens of lamps and lanterns and hundreds of dollars of lamps and glass products. Therefore, if you want to know the price of lighting glass, you may wish to pay attention to the manufacturer of the lower lighting glass. Generally, the well-known lighting glass manufacturers have higher prices, but they are also better in quality and design.

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