How To Prevent And Avoid The Explosion Of The Glass Shower Room In The Home?

- May 02, 2018 -

The news of the explosion of the glass shower room is often seen in newspapers, especially in the cold winter weather, and it is often the accident. In the fall and winter season, due to the low temperature, the temperature of the shower in the bathroom will rise rapidly during bathing. This is also the time when the glass shower room is most prone to explosion, causing great danger. Tempered glass is one of the most commonly used building materials in shower rooms. How can we prevent and solve its self-explosion problem?

  First, the reason why the glass tempered glass blew Tempered glass is not representative of the quality of glass is not good? This is not necessarily, in fact, improper installation or improper use of maintenance will cause the glass to blew. 1, the quality of tempered glass, but in the absence of direct mechanical external force occurs in the explosion of the glass is called self-explosion. Although the self-explosion phenomenon of tempered glass may be caused by improper installation or improper maintenance during use, the more likely cause is the quality of the manufacturer's tempered glass. The tempered glass used in the shower room should have a thickness of at least 6 mm. -8mm. 2. Improper installation of glass in the shower room. Improper installation may cause the glass to blew. Glass surfaces and edges may cause defects such as scratches, blows, and bursts during processing, transportation, storage, and construction. They may easily cause stress concentration and cause self-explosion of tempered glass, or if glass is tilted during installation, for example. Degrees or artificial changes to the shape of the glass can also cause similar problems. 3, improper maintenance of tempered glass led to self-explosion In the daily use of the process, due to sharp object impact, rapid temperature changes and other reasons caused by the shower room glass explosion is also more common.

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