How To Reduce The Risk Of Self-detonation Of Bathroom Glass

- May 03, 2018 -

To solve the problem of potential self-detonation of tempered glass, there are many options, including the purchase and installation process and the post-processing process, which can reduce the risk of self-detonation from the details. 1. Correctly install the glass door In order to prevent the self-explosion of the tempered glass caused by improper installation, it is better to ask the manufacturer to provide professional door-to-door installation when purchasing the product, so as to avoid damage caused by improper installation, and it is difficult to take responsibility after damage occurs. Points problem. The most irresponsible when installing is to cut the glass, because the tempered glass can only process the glass to the required shape before tempering, and can not be processed after the tempering, so it is very easy for the glass to blew. 2. Choose the minimum requirement for high-quality tempered glass toughened glass to ensure that the product certificate has a 3C certification mark. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to see the glass, the tempered glass should show colored streaks, and it can also be seen with the naked eye. Blue spots; Finally can pay attention to the curvature of tempered glass, the flatness is not as flat as ordinary glass, but there is a sense of roughness, a long side, there will be a certain degree of curvature. 3, affixed to the explosion-proof membrane market on the shower room products, due to aesthetic reasons and other reasons, generally do not bring their own glass explosion-proof membrane, do-it-yourself affixed to the explosion-proof membrane can prevent the glass from flying when the children blew, the choice of explosion-proof When selecting membranes, try to use explosion-proof membranes certified by the International Window Film Association and qualified for production safety membranes. 4, the key to protect the glass corners The middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest, the four corners and the edges are the weakest. Once these parts have cracks, they can easily smash the entire glass. I do not know if you observe it, the safety hammer on the window glass of the bus is located on the edge of the glass, which is the use of tempered glass. As for the shower room, we do not want the glass to break. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to the protection of the corners of the glass, and regularly check the corners for cracks. 5, to avoid sharp object scratches Tempered glass is very strong, and can even bear the weight of several people, but it has a weakness, that is afraid of sharp objects and impact. Since the contact area of the sharp object is small, the pressure of the contact point on the glass is quite large, and the glass is exposed to a large external force at this point and causes slight cracking. For the tempered glass, a little cracking means that The stress distribution inside the entire glass was destroyed, resulting in numerous spider web cracks.

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