Knowledge Of Vacuum Glass

- Apr 15, 2018 -

First, the origin of vacuum glass

Many friends already know that vacuum glass is based on the principle of the vacuum dewar, which is our vacuum vacuum flask for domestic use. Then, let us first understand the past and present of the Dewar flask.

In 1892 James Dewar, a professor at the University of Cambridge, invented the Dewar, a double-glazed glass vessel. The walls of both glass gallbladders were covered with silver, and the air between the two layers of glass was removed to form a vacuum. Since the vacuum prevents convection and conduction heat dissipation, the silver coating prevents heat radiation, so the temperature of the substance in the Dewar flask does not change easily. Based on this, he summarized two basic principles of vacuum insulation: elimination of most heat convection and conduction through high vacuum; reduction of radiative heat transfer through highly reflective coatings. This is the basic principle of the high thermal insulation performance of vacuum glass.

Along the way opened by Dewar, in 1913 Zhuoler first proposed the concept of vacuum glass in his patent. Since then, since the 1980s, the development of vacuum glass in the world has gradually become active. Since 1985, the vacuum glass research group led by Prof. D.K. Benson of the Colorado Institute of Solar Energy in the United States has created a lot of technical theories, ideas and laboratory data worthy of later generations. Based on these research results, the research team led by professor R.E. Collins of the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Sydney further improved the process and produced prototypes in 1989. Immediately afterwards, the world’s first 1m×1m flat vacuum glass sample was introduced at the University of Sydney in 1993.

In 1994, Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. (NSG) purchased the patent right of the University of Sydney, and in 1997 officially produced vacuum glass products. In 1998, China's vacuum glass began to develop, but it was not until 2008 that when China developed the vacuum glass industry standard JC-T1079-2008, vacuum glass's "face" was quickly known to the Chinese people.

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