New Product: Float Glass Reflective Glass Patterned Glass Laminated Glass Glass Mirror Tempered Glass Acid-Etched Glass Processed Glass Special Glass with CE ISO

- Oct 31, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: TG

  • Shape: Flat

  • Color: Clear/Bronze/Blue/Green/Grey/Gold etc

  • Customized: Customized

  • Size: 3300mmx2140mm, 1830mmx2440mm, 3660mmx2134mm, etc

  • Brand: Sdf

  • Thickness: 4mm to 10mm

  • Origin: Qingdao, China

  • Type: Float Glass

  • Structure: Solid

  • Color Type: Solid Color

  • Usage: Building,Construction,Decoration

  • Colour: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Grey, Green, Pink, Black etc

  • Package: Wooden Crates or Plywood Crates

  • Delivery: Two Weeks

  • Specification: 1524mmx2134mm, 1830mmx2440mm, 3300mmx2140mm, etc

  • HS Code: 7005

Product Description

Float Glass/Reflective Glass/Patterned Glass/Laminated Glass/Glass Mirror/Tempered Glass/Acid-Etched Glass/Wired Glass/Processed Glass/Special Glass with CE ISO (2mm to 19mm)

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Clear/Colorless/Transparent Float Glass
THICKNESS: 2mm-19mm
SIZES:1600mmx2200mm,1650mmx2440mm,1830mmx1220mm,1830mmx2440mm,3050mmx2134mm,3300mmx2134/2140mm,3660mmx2134/2140mm,3300mmx2250mm,3300mmx2440mm,3660mmx2440mm,or customized sizes as per request

Extra/Low-Iron Clear Float Glass
THICKNESS: 2mm-19mm
SIZES:1600mmx2200mm,1650mmx2440mm,1830mmx1220mm,1830mmx2440mm,3300mmx2134/2140mm,3660mmx2134/2140mm,3300mmx2250mm,3300mmx2440mm,3660mmx2440mm,or customized sizes as per request

Tinted/Colored Float Glass
COLORS: Euro Bronze, Dark Bronze,Golden Bronze, Euro Grey, Mist Grey, Dark Grey,F-green,French Green, Dark Green,Ford Blue(Lake Blue/Light Blue),Dark Blue, Ocean Blue,Black, Pink etc.
THICKNESS: 3mm-12mm
SIZES:1524mmx2134mm, 1830mmx2440mm, 3300mmx2140mm, 3050mmx2140mm,3300mmx2250mm,etc

Reflective Glass
COLORS: Euro Bronze, Dark Bronze,Golden Bronze, Euro Grey, Mist Grey, Dark Grey,F-green(Light Green),French Green, Dark Green,Ford Blue(Lake/Light Blue), Dark Blue, Ocean Blue,Black, Pink,Silver,24K Gold etc.
THICKNESS: 3mm-12mm
SIZES:1524mmx2134mm, 1830mmx2440mm, 3300mmx2140mm, 3050mmx2134mm,3300mmx2250mm,etc

Laminated Glass
PVB COLORS: Clear, Dark Green,F-Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue,Ocean Blue,Dark Grey, Light Grey, Milky White, etc
COLORES OF GLASS: Clear, F-Green, Dark Green, Ford Blue(Lake/Light Blue) Dark Blue, Bronze, Euro Grey etc. Both Tinted Float Glass and Reflective Glass are available.
THICKNESS: 4.38mm, 6.38mm, 8.38mm, 8.76mm, 10.38mm, 10.76mm, 12.76mm, or customized thickness as per request
SIZES:1830mmx2440mm, 3300mmx2134mm, 3660mmx2134mm, 3300mmx2250mm,3660mmx2440mm,etc

Tempered/Toughened/Safety Glass
THICKNESS: 3-19mm.
SIZES: Max. 2440mmx3600mm, Min. 200mmx300mm
COLORS: Clear and Tinted 

TYPES: Silver Mirror, Aluminum Mirror, Copper and Lead Free Mirror, Safety Mirror, Solar Mirror and Beveled Mirror etc.
THICKNESS: 2mm to 10mm
SIZES:600mmx900mm,914mmx1220mm,1830mmx1220mm,1830mmx2440mm, 3300mmx2134mm, 3660mmx2134mm, 3300mmx2250mm, cut-to-size mirrors as per request available

Patterned/Figured Glass
THICKNESS: 3mm to 10mm
SIZES:1220mmx1830mm, 1500mmx2000mm, 1700mmx2000mm, 1524mmx2134mm, 1830mmx2134mm, 1830mmx2440mm, etc
COLORS: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Amber, Grey, Green, Blue etc.
PATTERNS:Mistlite,Nashiji,Flora,Karatachi,Diamond,May Flower,Pyramid, Silesia, Oceanic, Aqualite, Rain,Bamboo, Beehive, Chinchilla, Crystal, Masterlite, Millennium, Morgon II, Moru,and Wanji etc. For new patterns,new molds will be designed and applied for mass production

Acid Etched/Frosted/Art Glass
THICKNESS: 3mm to 10mm
COLORS: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink,etc 

Thickness2mm to 19mm
ColorClear, Bronze, Dark blue, Dark green, Ford blue,French green, Pink, Dark grey, etc
Packing Wooden Crates and Plywood
Certificate CE,ISO

Q:What kinds of glass can you provide?
A:SDF offers one-stop purchase,we cover full range of glass products from raw float,reflective,patterned glass to processed glass products such as laminated glass,mirrors,tempered glass,acid-etched etc.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?
A:Our MOQ is one 20 feet container (20-27Tons).We can also do LCL orders.

Q: How can I get samples to check your qulity?
A:We offer samples for free. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK!

Q:Can you do OEM Orders?
A:Yes,we hire technicians to design your products as per your specific needs.

Q:What is your trade Term?

Q:What is your payment term?
A:T/T,L/C, Credit 30-90days

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