Precautions In The Construction And Use Of Glass

- Sep 25, 2017 -

1, in the transport process, must pay attention to fixed and add soft pads. It is generally recommended that a method of erection be used for transport. Vehicles should also be careful to maintain stability and medium and slow speed.

2, the other side of the glass installation is closed, you should pay attention to clean the surface before installation. It is best to use a dedicated glass cleanser, and after it has been dried, it is proved that no stain rear can be installed, and the best use of clean construction gloves when installing.

3, the installation of glass, to use silicone sealant to be fixed, in the Windows and other installation, but also with rubber seals and other use.

4, after the completion of construction, to pay attention to the warning signs, generally can use stickers, color electrician, such as plastic tape to prompt.

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