Screen Printing Glass Production Process

- Jan 17, 2018 -

We have seen a lot of beautiful patterns on the flat glass, but do not know how these patterns are made out of glass processing plants generally have a silk screen room, and the room is separated from the rest of the plant, the door is Closed, there are only a few silk screen master and some workers. Glass screen printing is a process of glass processing, some glass need to print logo on the need to enter the screen printing room, painted by the screen printing master on a beautiful pattern, the design is really screen master manually painted up?

According to the silk screen principle, the ink is printed on the surface of the flat glass, and then the ink curing method, making the pattern solid durable. The process is as follows:

Stretching → sizing → drying → printing → development → drying

Flat glass → cutting → milling → cleaning and drying → printing


1, ink: ink is a silk screen must be used, there is no ink where the pattern. Ink is divided into many colors, transfer ink is a silk screen master must learn.

2, Stencil: Stencil is prepared for the glass printed on the pattern. Smear the first smear on the screen glue, combined with film, strong light to the pattern up to the screen. The film on the screen below, and then light exposure on the light-sensitive plastic screen, finished and then washed off the film to block the part of the photosensitive plastic, the pattern is done.

3, oven: oven let us think of baking, yes, that is, the glass into the oven to bake, glass printed on the pattern, the ink is not quickly get rid of, if this time to get the glass will meet Ink, this will destroy the pattern. After the oven, the ink will kill, the pattern will not be easily erased.

4, tempering furnace: Why go through tempering furnace? Silk screen has a high temperature silk screen printing ink and low temperature silk screen printing ink, high temperature silk screen printing ink must first after the screen through the furnace. This ink and glass surface together, then you want to wipe the ink impossible.

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