Secret: How Bulletproof Glass Ensures The Security Of National Leaders

- Apr 29, 2018 -

For us ordinary people, cars are only a means of transport, but for a country's leaders, the car to some extent shoulder the responsibility to protect the security of national leaders. As the leader of the car, which is not lack of luxury elements of the atmosphere, but in the security of this higher indicator, luxury has become less important accessories.

Recalling that on February 9, 1998, Georgian President Shevardnadze, on his way home on a Mercedes-Benz car, suddenly took out more than 20 killers from the dense forest under the night and hurriedly fired at the President and threw grenades. Caused the car scars, but fortunately Shevardnadze unscathed, what protects the president from escaping the disaster? This is due to the 500,000-pound Mercedes-Benz brand bullet-proof car given to him by the German government. So why can bullet-proof cars be bullet-proof? It turned out that it installed a safety glass - bullet-proof glass. Bulletproof glass is a composite material obtained by special processing of glass and high-quality engineering plastics. It is made by sticking two pieces of glass under certain temperature and pressure, and the inner layer of plastic can absorb some energy generated during the impact and explosion process. And shock pressure, even if shattered, will not be scattered. Laminated glass can be made of ordinary glass, tempered glass, heat-reinforced glass, or hollow glass, depending on the needs. Bullet-proof glass is usually a transparent material, has the appearance of ordinary glass and the behavior of transmitted light, has a good safety, impact resistance and penetration resistance, with anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof function. It provides certain protection for the shooting of small arms, effective time is up to 6664 days.

United States President Trump's "Army One" may be a cheaper vehicle for Teplan, but it is a safer moving fortress. The car was modified from the Prevost h3-45VIP. The exterior parts were reinforced bullet-proof steel plates, bullet-proof glass and bullet-proof tires. The whole body was armored. The door was thickened to 12.5 cm and the whole body weighed over 50. Ton, the car also has advanced electronic systems installed in the car, and it is possible to carry out telephone video exchanges with heads of state in the car. If necessary, it can also remotely control the U.S. defense nuclear bomb and missile system in the car.

I believe that the image of the tough guy of Russian President Vladimir Putin must go deep into your heart. Do you know what his car is? This is a separate version of the Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard. There is no doubt that Putin's S600 armored car and ordinary S600 armored car are not the same car, the material and configuration of the Mercedes-Benz S600 armored car is also very good, excellent body firmness and bullet-proof glass 6.1 cm thick, for the car The life safety of the inside personnel provides protection.

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