The Advantage Of Float Glass

- Mar 29, 2018 -

It is in the tin bath and the glass floats on the surface of the tin liquid. Therefore, this kind of glass is first flat and has no ripples.

For mirrors, automotive glass. It is one of its great advantages that it does not make a face or shape.

Followed by the quartz sand used for float glass, the raw materials are good. The glass produced is pure and transparent. Bright and colorless. There are no glass bottles, bubbles, and the like.

The third is that the structure is tight, heavy, and feels smooth. The same thickness is greater than the flat plate per square meter, which is good for cutting and is not easy to damage.

More than 200 production lines throughout the country are produced in strict accordance with national standards. This glass is the best glass for civil buildings. Its price, compared with the same thickness, is only 4 yuan higher than flat glass per square meter.

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