The Character Of Low-E Glass

- Feb 26, 2018 -

Low-E glass (also known as low-E coated glass) is Low Emissivity Glass referred to as the glass surface is coated with multiple layers of metal or other compounds consisting of film products. The product has a higher transmittance of visible light, the infrared (especially the far-infrared) has a high reflectivity, with good thermal insulation properties. Can play a role in controlling the sunshine, saving energy, controlling the regulation of heat and improving the environment. Ordinary glass surface emissivity e around 0.84, on-line Low-E glass surface emissivity generally below 0.25. The low-emissivity film with a thickness of 80nm ~ 90nm has a high reflectivity to far-infrared heat radiation and can reflect more than 80% of the far-infrared radiation backwards. Therefore, Low-E glass has a good effect of blocking heat radiation transmission .

The sun's rays of light, most of which can be transmitted through the insulating glass indoors, to our life has brought a bright and warm. Indoor items will be due to their own warm temperatures and re-radiation (long wave), but also a certain amount of heat through the insulating glass and passed to the outdoors. Hollow glass made of low-e coated glass will transmit most of visible light and solar energy in the sun to the room and effectively prevent reradiation (longwave) in the room from passing through the glass to the outside so as to reduce the U value of the door and window product purpose.

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