The Classify Of Automotive Glass

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Automotive laminated glass

Laminated glass refers to the use of a transparent adhesive plastic film affixed to the two or three between the glass, the toughness of the glass and the rigidity of the glass together to increase the glass's resistance to crushing, crushing is still Be able to maintain visibility. Used for car windshield.

Automotive area toughened glass

Regional toughened glass is a new breed of toughened glass that has been specially treated to maintain the clarity of the cracked glass even in the event of an impact rupture, ensuring that the driver's field of view is unaffected. Used for car windshield and instrument protection screen.

There are five main fire-resistant glass, one is sandwich laminated fire-resistant glass, and the other is the wire fire glass, the third is a special fire-resistant glass, the fourth is a hollow fire-resistant glass, the fifth is high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fire-resistant glass. Of course, science and technology are constantly evolving, so the relevant aspects are also constantly improving. The effectiveness of different types of glass is not the same. Therefore, the related manufacturing techniques and uses are different. This requires us to elaborate Consider and analyze.

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