The Development Of Float Glass In China

- Mar 28, 2018 -

In the late 1950s, the British company Pilkington Glass announced to the world that the float glass forming process was successfully developed. This was a revolution in the original grooved lead forming process. For a time, one share of the float heat flow became a “floating mania” that swept the world. Many countries in the world have invested heavily in the purchase of Pilkington patents, but Pilkington has imposed a technical blockade on China. The western technological blockade has made us realize that the development and production of Chinese float glass must follow the path of self-reliance and independent innovation. In May 1971, the former State Building Materials Industry Department decided to conduct floatation industrial tests in Luobo. Glass experts from all over the country gathered in Luoyang Glass and more than 1,000 employees from Luoyang Glass participated in the war.

The production of float glass is a brand new business in China. Since there is no available reference material, experimental production has encountered wave after wave of problems. No designers, experts from the Ministry of Building Materials and Luobo's vast scientific and technical personnel were engaged in designing in the boiler room, drawing sketches for construction. Without large-scale lathe equipment, Luoyang's fitters used small potters to replenish pots to process 25-meter tin baths. An important problem encountered in the production process at that time was that high-temperature glass water tended to condense when passing through a tin bath, resulting in uneven glass thickness. Sometimes glass water splatters in tin tanks, and workers are injured everywhere. After long-term thinking, the Luobo technical staff designed an electric heating device on the upper part of the tin tank. The problem of the glass water being easily condensed by the tin bath was solved. Then, they developed their own glass edger, carefully designed the speed, angle, depth of press, and modified the shape of the molding process. The wider and wider the glass, the more pull and the glass, the higher the quality. On September 23, 1971, Luobu Glass’s cadres and employees, under the guidance of ministries’ leaders and relevant experts and with the full cooperation of their brothers, fought for more than three months in unity and finally successfully built the first float. Glass production line produced China's first piece of float glass. Mechanical strength, flatness, light transmission are better than other flat glass. With the wisdom and hard work of Superman, Loboglass has made Chinese people dream of floatation.

From 1971 to 1981, Luo Bo also carried out large-scale technical transformations on this line three times. The melting capacity of the production line reached 225 tons, the plate width exceeded 2 meters, and the total yield reached 76.96%, and it reached the end of 1978. At the beginning of 1979, stable production of thin 4 mm glass, "Luoyang float glass technology" technology and equipment are also improving, the technology level continues to increase.

From April 27 to April 30, 1981, the State Science and Technology Commission organized national glass experts and scholars and leaders of relevant departments to hold a national-level technical appraisal meeting of "Luoyang Float Glass Process" in Luobo, which is China's giant wheel of 10,000 tons and tons of tons. The third national technical appraisal meeting after the hydraulic press, the conference formally named this process China's "Luoyang float glass process" and awarded the Gold Award for Invention. The birth of "Luoyang Float Glass Process" in Luoyang Glass ended an old era, ushered in a new dawn for the development of the Chinese glass industry, and opened up a new era in the transformation, innovation and development of China's glass industry, for the glass industry in China. The development of a majestic monument has become one of the world's three major floatation processes in parallel with the British Pilkington float and the Pittsburgh float in the world glass industry.

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