The Different Between Mirror Glass And One-side Glass

- Feb 27, 2018 -

Mirror glass, also known as polished glass, is made of glass plate after polishing made of glass, sub-polished surface and double-sided polished two, the surface smooth and shiny. Transmittance greater than 84%, the thickness of 4MM-6MM.

Simply put, from the side of the glass can see the opposite side of the scene, and from the other side of this piece of glass is simply can not see the opposite side of the scene, it can be said on this side he can not see through. Take you in the mirror, for example, ordinary glass is equal to the glass on the mirror, the mirror glass film is equal to the silver mirror after the mirror, but it must reflect the light premise is that the light outside than the inside of the light, otherwise it is inside Can not see the outside. Car foil glass, sunglasses and other basic are this thing.

One-way glass (commonly known as: one-sided mirror, atomic mirror) is also called unidirectional perspective glass, one-way visual glass. Products for the nano one-way perspective glass, with the cooperation of a certain light background, which can be seen inside out, outside can not see inside, or the other hand. Unidirectional visual glass is generally used for dark light obscured observation or the need to overlap the scene infinitely extended decorative effect, you can reach the outside look like a mirror, and which look is gray transparent glass.

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