The Endothermic Glass Has The Following Characteristics Compared With Ordinary Flat Glass:

- Sep 25, 2017 -

⒈ absorbs solar radiation heat. For example, the 6mm thick transparent float glass, under the sun light total through the heat of 84%, and the same conditions under the total heat-absorbing glass 60%. The color and thickness of the endothermic glass are different, and the absorption degree of solar radiation heat is different.

⒉ absorbs the sun's visible light, weakening the intensity of the sun's rays and plays an anti glare effect.

⒊ has a certain degree of transparency and can absorb certain ultraviolet rays.

4. Winter can stop the cold air, summer can block the heat, so that indoor winter warm summer cool.

Because of the characteristics, endothermic glass has been widely used in buildings, doors and windows, external walls and used as vehicles, boats, such as windshield, play a heat insulation, glare, lighting and decorative functions.

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