The Float Glass Technology Of Production

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Float glass production molding process is through the introduction of shielding gas (N2 and H2) tin tank completed. The molten glass continuously flows in from the tank kiln and floats on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively high relative density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid spreads on the tin liquid surface and is flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces to be flat, hardened and cooled After being introduced to the transitional roller table. Roller roller roll, the glass ribbon pulled out of the tin bath into the annealing furnace, the annealing, cutting, you get the float glass products. Compared with other forming methods, the float method has the advantages of being suitable for manufacturing high-quality flat glass with high efficiency, without unevenness, even thickness and smooth upper and lower surfaces, and parallel with each other. The scale of the production line is not limited by the forming method, Low consumption; high product utilization rate; easy to manage scientifically and realize full mechanization, automation and high labor productivity; continuous operation cycle can be up to several years, which is beneficial to stable production; suitable conditions can be provided for online production of some new varieties, Electric float glass, annealed sprayed glass, cold end surface treatment.

Monolithic float glass sound insulation performance is poor, its performance is based on the merits of GB / T8485-2002 "building outside the window sound insulation performance classification and detection methods" and GBJ75-1984 "Building Noise Measurement Specifications", and with reference to international Standard ISO140 and ISO717 on the identification of sound performance indicators, the weighted sound insulation Rw measure sound insulation performance indicators, the unit is dB; STC sound insulation performance indicators can be used as a reference.

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