The Function Of Glass Curtain Walls

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Glass curtain walls in modern high-rise buildings use a combination of mirrored glass and regular glass, filled with dry air or inert gas in the insulating glass.

Insulating glass is divided into two layers and three layers. The two layers of insulating glass are sealed by two layers of glass to form a sandwich space. The three-layer glass is composed of three layers of glass to form two sandwich spaces. Insulating glass with noise, heat insulation, anti-frost, moisture, wind pressure and other advantages. It is measured that when the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C, the temperature in front of the single-glazed window is -2 ° C, whereas the indoor temperature using the three-layer insulating glass is 13 ° C. In the hot summer, double glazing blocks 90% of the sun's radiant heat. Sunshine can still be through the glass curtain wall, but most will not feel hot in the sun. The use of hollow glass curtain wall of the room can be cool in winter and warm in summer, greatly improving the living environment.

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