The Influence Of Impurity Iron On Glass Furnace!

- May 01, 2018 -

In the melting process of glass, the heat absorbed by the material from the flame is the flame to transmit heat to the material. When the temperature of the melt pool is between 1500 and 1600°C, the radiative heat transfer between the flame and the dome has a maximum at about 1500nm. On the other hand, the absorption of Fe2+ ions in the soda-lime glass at 1050nm is larger. Therefore, it can be understood that the temperature distribution of the glass in the depth of the melting pool caused by the radiation heat transfer in the kiln is directly related to the iron content in the glass. According to the determination of the Fe2O3 content of 0.088% of the glass, the temperature difference between the surface of the tank kiln glass and the bottom of the tank kiln is 35 °C, while Fe2O3 reaches 0.51% glass, the temperature difference can reach 380 °C. Because of the presence of Fe2O3 and FeO, the temperature difference between the surface and the deep layer of the glass in the kiln will affect the melting and clarification of the molten glass. This is due to the strong absorption of thermal radiation by iron oxides. As a result, most of the radiant heat is absorbed by the surface glass, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower melts is formed. If the glass raw material at the bottom of the glass kiln is melted, it is necessary to increase the temperature in the entire kiln. Tests have shown that in the normal melting operating temperature range, the rate of erosion of the refractory material doubles for every 50°C of temperature rise. This not only consumes energy, shortens the service life of the melting furnace, but also causes uneven temperature in various parts of the glass melt, and it also tends to cause defects such as striae on the glass plate surface.

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