The Knowledge of Laser Glass

- Feb 12, 2018 -

Laser glass, also known as holographic glass or laser holographic glass, is an innovative decorative glass product developed with the latest holographic technology. Laser glass is a laminated glass, the application of laser holographic film technology, the glass or transparent organic polyester film coated with a layer of photosensitive layer, the use of laser engraved in any number of geometric or holographic grating grating on the same piece of glass Can form hundreds of patterns.

The characteristic of laser glass is that when it is in any light source, it will produce color change due to diffraction. Moreover, for the same light-receiving point or light-receiving surface, the color and pattern of the generated light will be different depending on the angle of the incident light and the angle of view of the person. The effect is complicated and confusing, like moving non-moving, also true illusion, from time to time appear cool, warm and colorful, colorful changes, giving a magical, luxurious and charming feeling, the decorative effect is unmatched by other materials.

Laser glass can be roughly divided into two categories: one is made of ordinary flat glass substrate, mainly used for decoration of walls and ceilings and other parts; the other is made of tempered glass substrate, the main For floor decoration. In addition, there are curved surface for special glass laser glass, specifically for a large area of the curtain wall laminated laser glass and laser glass tiles and other products.

Size up to 1000mm x 3000mm.

Sandwich in the middle of two layers of glass, forming a transparent surface. However, under the refraction of light, different perspectives can show different colors. Design and visual effects of special glass, the advent of laser holographic glass, decorating materials, furniture industry designers have a new choice. Holographic holographic film is divided into personalized design patterns / LOGO / text version and the general non-illustrated version of two.

Laser holographic glass is now widely used and commercial and civil decoration industry, furniture, glass industry and various needs of decorative glass related reference industry.

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