The Production Process Of Tempered Glass

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Tempered glass is the ordinary annealed glass first cut into the required size, and then heated to near softening point of about 700 degrees, and then quickly and evenly cooled (usually 5-6MM glass heated at 700 degrees for about 240 seconds, Cooling about 150 seconds .8-10MM glass heated at 700 degrees for 500 seconds or so, cooling about 300 seconds. In short, according to the different thickness of the glass, choose to heat the cooling time is also different). Tempered glass surface after the formation of uniform compressive stress, while the internal tensile stress is formed, so that the glass bending and impact strength can be improved, its strength is about four times the ordinary annealed glass. Tempered tempered glass has been tempered, can no longer make any cutting, grinding and other processing or damaged, otherwise it will destroy the balance of uniform compressive stress and "crushed."

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