Ultra Clear Float Glass

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Ultra-clear glass is widely used in showcases of high-end products such as cultural relics, jewelry, and cosmetics with its crystal-like luster and clear brightness. Its extremely high transparency can truly display the quality and color of displayed items, enabling people to The feeling of touching by hand, the translucency of the ultra-white glass is quite clear in some display cases.

Building curtain wall, interior doors and windows, partitions, various glass fence walls and floors, etc.

Design choice points

It can be cut, drilled, edging like ordinary float glass, tempered, laminated and bent, and coated, printed, and painted on the surface.

1) Application of ultra-white float glass

(1) Interior and exterior decoration of high-end buildings (partitions, doors, windows, curtain walls, etc.): Its unique high light transmittance makes the building have a natural, transparent, avant-garde artistic effect, more in line with modern design style.

(2) Display cabinets: It can be used as display cabinets for museums, exhibition halls, jewelry stores, and more people feel the true colors of the displays.

(3) High-end horticultural buildings such as greenhouse skylights (horticultural buildings requiring high light transmittance requirements): The indoor light can be provided with sufficient natural light, while having a beautiful visual experience.

(4) High-grade glass furniture, crystal products (lamps, decorative lenses): crystal clear, elegant and beautiful, giving people an excellent visual effect.

(5) Solar Cell Substrate: After the surface has been processed, it has higher transmittance and lower reflectivity to sunlight, which can be used as a substrate of a photoelectric conversion system or a photothermal conversion system (flat solar water heater) The panel and so on.

2) The ultra-white float glass has high heat transfer coefficient, large shading coefficient and poor thermal performance. When there is energy saving design requirement, it should not be directly used for building external protection structure.

3) For the relationship between the maximum allowable area and the glass thickness of the four-side supported ultra-white float glass, see Table A.0.1 of JGJ113-2003 Technical Specification for Architectural Glass.

4) Same as float glass cannot be used as safety glass.

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