What Is The Difference Between Mirror Glass And Unidirectional Glass?

- Mar 22, 2018 -

Mirror glass, also known as polished glass, is a glass made by polishing flat glass. It is divided into single-side polishing and double-side polishing. The surface is smooth and glossy. The light transmittance is greater than 84% and the thickness is 4mm-6mm.

Simply speaking, from the one side of the glass, you can see the opposite side of the scene. From the other side of the glass, you can't see the opposite side of the scene at all. It can be said that he is blind to this aspect. Take you to look like a mirror, ordinary glass is equal to the glass on the mirror, the mirror glass film is equal to the silver plated behind the mirror, but it must have a premise to reflect light, that is outside the light is brighter than the inside, otherwise it is inside Can't see outside. The car's film glass, sunglasses and so on are basically this thing.

      One-way glass (commonly known as: single mirror, atomic mirror) is also called one-way perspective glass, one-way visible glass. The product is a one-way nanoscopic perspective glass with a certain light background, which can be seen inside, outside, outside, or vice versa. One-way visible glass is generally used for darkness concealment observation or multiple scene overlap infinitely extending the decorative effect, can be seen outside like a mirror, and inside to see is a gray transparent glass.

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